Drops was born in 1983, when the windsurf tech was still at the beginning, and soon got an extraordinary acceleration in technology. The Drops customs boards represented an absolute reference point in the 80ís in terms of shape and construction. A lot of international riders and most of the Italian ones used Drops boards. The 90ís were characterized from the full sandwich construction, which makes Drops one of the leader for the development. Since the 2000, there was a world renewal and a lot of big brands left space to the emergent brands; so Drops increased its strength in the world market also thanks to the cooperation of the best shapers and to the technological refinement which lead to a further improvement of construction. Today Drops has the roots well-settled in the present with a 27 years tradition of construction of research and development.

Excellence is our only target. It is only thanks to over twenty years of experience, research and development, and the continuous feedback from both our team and our customers that we have reached a new and totally unequaled quality standard. Board construction is not just about using exotic materials, which has always been Dropsí policy anyway. These are worth nothing if used without the adequate knowhow. The implementation of a new moulding technology assures that the boards are totally identical to the prototypes they have been developed from. The new monocoque sandwich construction greatly improves structural characteristics of the boards such as weight, rigidity, and resistance. Furthermore specific reinforcements have been positioned in the most stressed areas such as: around the mastbox, finbox and footstraps as well as all those areas, such as the bow, that risk being damaged by blows. Special attention has been paid to reinforcing finboxes which are connected both to the hull and the deck through a high density PVC block. Using the best materials to obtain a light and bombproof construction is worth nothing unless the fittings and accessories meet the same standards. This is why Drops boards are supplied with the best accessories on the market.

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