9’1’’ Watt: 278X72,5X124 lt



9’1’’ WATT

This SUP board is a brilliant competition board which will amaze all Newschool longboard aficionados! It is fast, aggressive and will take you to a new dimension.


This is the thinnest SUP board in the Drops range.

It loves glassy conditions. Glassy is its favourite arena. Because of its ability to come back, faultless responsiveness and total fluidity, it is the ultimate weapon for lighter weights.

Nose rides are executed exactly like on a modern longboard. Thin rails at the nose in particular create a very pure gliding ability. Lighter weights will appreciate its subtle but sure grip at the nose. Because of its reduced front volume, skidding is unlikely and it is possible to attach the right fin size to glide and turn.

The bottom of the board has been shaped very precisely to increase the performance of this ultimate SUP surfing board even more. With its single concave at the front, double accelerator concave at the back and pronounced but balanced vee, this board will take you into another dimension.
Lighter weights only but perfect for them!!!


Pure longboard Newschool for very light weights and very skilled medium weights. An uncompromising board that young big water riders love because it is so close to their longboard.


- Less than 65 kg: quite easy ;-)
- 65 kg to 85 kg: easy in glassy conditions, technical in choppy water.
- More than 85 kg: forget it in choppy water but ok in the glassy!!!

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Significant, ultra responsive board.


- Rocker: continuous curve for smooth gliding.
- Rails: soft and thin all round. A very smooth and responsive board.
- Volume: are you a lighter weight? Good because there is only 124 litres! Very thin board especially at the tail end and front third of the board. Total radical modern SUP longboard for complete responsiveness and perfect nose rides.
- Outline: reasonable dimensions and a forward positioned widepoint. A board with accelerating ability and easy to surf off the nose.
- Tail: moderate Diamond Tail to retain some buoyancy and easy rail to rail turning ability from the tail. Significant momentum and responsiveness especially in small waves.
- Nose: Regular Round Nose. The perfect board for modern skilled nose riders.

{{{Technical data:}}}

- Length : 9’1 = 278 cm
- Width : 28" 1/2 = 72.5 cm
- Thickness : 4" 1/2 = 11.5 cm
- Volume : 124 litres
- Width o.f.o. the nose : 21" 7/8 = 55.5 cm
- Width o.f.o. the tail : 16" 3/4 = 42.6 cm
- Tail : Diamond Tail.
- Nose : Regular Round Nose.
- Fins : Tri-fin 2+1
- Highteck weight : 8.45 kg (indicative weight ± 5%)


- High Core compressed glass fibre fins for top performance. Unbreakable brass insert and 3mm stainless steel screw for maximum strength.
- Unbreakable mini tuttle and US boxes so that you won’t miss a session and can push to the limits.
- 3 mm Diamond Grip Deck Pad for total adherence and comfort.
- Concrete Fixed Plug to be able to let go without ever having to think about losing your board.