8’11’’ Vulcan: 272X74,5X142 lt




{{ {This board is a powerful and fast charger when flat and has incredible stability given its size. Ride big waves without being afraid of losing control and rip on small surf like on a shortboard. This is a stand up for those who want to tear it up.


This compact version of the 10'2 is an amazing piece of gear.
It is fast, relatively easy and lively and this board is eager to reveal its potential.
You are looking for an easygoing board which rides itself: the Vulcan is not the board you want!!!
You want to shred it up in all waves less than 2 m high: this is probably the best board you can think of.
Like a fighter plane it needs energy and legs to slash through the face of the swell.
Hard-core riders: welcome to heaven in XS SUP surfing.


An extremely fast small wave board with a unique ability to come back and rail shift for as many surfers as possible.


- Less than 65 kg: easy.
- 65 kg to 85 kg: easy, a bit jumpy but fine...
- More than 85 kg: quite easy for riders up to 100 kg even in choppy conditions.

{{{Row effect:}}}

Moderate, stable and responsive shape.


- Rocker: tail kick plus continuous curve for smooth but radical gliding.
- Rails: very defined towards the rear, well defined in the midsection and quite defined at the front. A stable board with great edge holding ability so it comes back really quickly and responsively.
- Volume: just the bare minimum to support big riders.
- Outline: a pure quad shape designed for small waves less than 2 m high. Powerful, buoyant, with good edge holding power...
- Tail: Bat Fish Tail with an amazing rail shift and a unique ability to pick up speed again.
- Nose: Fat Point Nose for maximum floatability and the aggressiveness you need.

{{{Technical data:}}}

- Length : 8’11 = 272 cm
- Width : 29" 1/3 = 74.5 cm
- Thickness : 4" 5/7 = 12 cm
- Volume : 142 litres
- Width o.f.o. the nose : 21" 1/3 = 55 cm
- Width o.f.o. the tail : 19" 1/2 = 49.6 cm
- Tail : Bat Fish Tail.
- Nose : Fat Point Nose.
- Fins : Quad.
- Highteck weight : 9.60 kg (indicative weight ± 5%)


- 4 High Core compressed glass fibre fins for top performance. Unbreakable brass insert and 3mm stainless steel screw for maximum strength.
- Unbreakable Mini Tuttle box so that you won’t miss a session and can push to the limits.
- 3 mm Diamond Grip Deck Pad for total adherence and comfort.
- Concrete Fixed Plug to be able to let go without ever having to think about losing your board.