9’2’’ Volt: 280X75,1X152 lt



9’2’’ VOLT

This SUP is a brilliant competition board which guarantees maximum control and unrestricted gliding so that you can spend more time at the nose and score !


An exceptional board for an extraordinary driving style.

You like nose riding? You want to ride waves less than 2 m high? You don’t want to have to sacrifice off the tail manoeuvres? You want a board that has a hold on the wave face at the nose? This is the perfect board.

It is fast, stable, responsive and you can walk at 200 km/h without losing your balance and cross step to the nose over and over again.
You will be amazed by the buoyancy of the nose. You can stay at the nose right until the board stalls and beat the sections without moving down the board.

The square tail combined with the most complex bottom shape in the DROPS SUP range creates an extremely responsive board even in ridiculously small waves.

The programme of this board is extreme. For non-professionals it is a board worth having when building up your quiver.  It is a professional board with a professional programme but it is for anybody who wants to live that surfing experience even beginners because it is wide and easy.


To win a world cup longboard style in conditions conducive to nose riding. A radical tool for scoring points at the nose but also off the tail.


Less than 65 kg: ultra easy, almost too easy.
 65 kg to 85 kg: really easy, a competition board for scoring points.
More than 85 kg: easy even for heavier weights above 100 kg in choppy water.

{{{Row effect:}}}

Moderate thanks to an extremely good surface area to floatability ratio. A board with good paddling power to catch everything you want.


- Rocker: continuous curve but straightens out for smooth gliding even in very small waves.
- Rails: quite defined towards the tail, soft in the centre and neutral towards the front of the board. A board with tremendous fluidity at the nose and which comes back really quickly off the tail and can be driven Newschool style.
- Volume: 152 litres! A very thin board but with some width, thus retaining enough volume for heavier weights.
- Outline: big size to carry off the programme but perfectly balanced dimensions. It is a real competition nose rider. The widepoint is positioned towards the front for unrestricted nose riding. You want to score at the nose and perform manoeuvre after manoeuvre? This is the weapon you need.
- Tail: Square Tail providing powerful driving ability and maximum floatability. This extra large tail will enable you to execute off-the-lip attacks and powerful cut backs in all waves. 
- Nose: Fat Round Nose for maximum floatability. A nose like an XXL platform which speaks for itself about what it can do.

{{{Technical data:}}}

- Length : 9’2 = 280 cm
- Width : 29" 4/7 = 75.1 cm
- Thickness : 4" 5/7 = 12 cm
- Volume : 152 litres
- Width o.f.o. the nose : 25" 1/2 = 64 cm
- Width o.f.o. the tail : 18" 1/5 = 46.2 cm
- Tail : Square Tail
- Nose : Fat Round Nose.
- Fins : Tri-fin 2+1
- Highteck weight : 9.95 kg (indicative weight ± 5%)


- High Core compressed glass fibre fins for top performance. Unbreakable brass insert and 3mm stainless steel screw for maximum strength.
- Unbreakable mini tuttle and US boxes so that you won’t miss a session and can push to the limits.
- 3 mm Diamond Grip Deck Pad for total adherence and comfort.
- Concrete Fixed Plug to be able to let go without ever having to think about losing your board.