12’ Style: 365X79,5X225 lt




In a pair or alone this stand up board is amazingly stable and comfortable. It will enable big guys (heavier than 100 kg) to shoot XXS waves with ease and engage in long distance paddling or to try out the joys of tandem SUP surfing.


The Style board is a variation on the NFA concept, only it is wider and bigger.
It takes some of the same features that have made the 12’ NFA so successful and thousands of riders happy: a rocker which is amazingly easy and forgiving, a volume distribution promoting responsiveness and ultra stability, a widepoint which is set back and with thin rails at the tail for unique reactivity and ease.
A slightly domed deck in the tail third of the board provides good grip under foot when moving towards the back of the board. A greater width towards the tail and nose ends of the board provides unbelievable ease and great responsiveness in small waves.
The world's best fun SUP board for big guys from the first minutes of starting! Record breaking stability but exceptional manoeuvrability.  This board is a true noserider which takes off on the tiniest of waves and rides endlessly.
If you want to take advantage of long waves this board is ideal.
If you want to take on the waves without being held back by stability, this board is extremely fast.
Its generous volume means that there is easily room for more passengers on board, and yet manoeuvres such as 360° spins, off the lips and other manoeuvres of modern longboarding are not a problem.
This means that you are guaranteed to make continuous progress at a gentle pace and without strenuous physical effort.
With this revolutionary board, heavy weights will be able to SUP surf without losing their balance. During our many test sessions, all our testers weighing more than 100 kg were successful at their first attempt. Children loved it when they had a go together or with a parent. SUP tandem sessions were unbelievable moments of shared fun!
Last but not least, this board is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. With the Style board you will be able to surf but also paddle on flat water and downwind in big swell, down rivers, as well as get closer to nature and the wildlife with even more ease than with the NFA board...
It is a great board for outings and staying fit, be they in fresh or salt water, and you will be discovering new horizons with that special angle of visibility that you get with SUP surfing for being higher above the water.


To enable heavily built beginners or experienced riders to discover SUP boarding and make progress without ever struggling to begin with: total stability, ultra early take-off, noserider attitude and great responsiveness. It is also a great board for paddle outings: a fun, fast and stable board.


- Less than 65 kg: too easy.
- 65 kg to 85 kg: easy, easy, easy, simply too easy...Not enough of a workout even in surfing mode.
- More than 85 kg: too easy even in choppy water.
- Above 100 kg or 1.85 m: the easiest performance board in the world for big guys. A real surfboard without the drawbacks.

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Small. Board with a good drive but still very manoeuvrable.


- Rocker: a gentle curve for a smooth ride. 
- Rails: quite defined towards the tail, well defined in the centre and quite defined towards the front of the board. This gives the board stability and the ability to perform tighter turns, even in very hollow waves.
- Volume: you wanted volume? You’ve got plenty ;-) 225 litres! A thick board, especially the rails in the centre and in the middle at the tail end: this increases ease and responsiveness.
- Outline: big size matching the programme but perfectly balanced dimensions. The board is a real noserider. Except that the widepoint is set back to provide stability and responsiveness in curves. A feature which makes it a fun board for all conditions.
- Tail: fat square tail for a powerful drive and maximum floatability. This extra large tail will enable you to move back onto the tail in all kinds of waves. No more nose dives and losing control of the board. This board is really reliable and fun.
- Nose: round nose for maximum floatability.

{{{Technical data:}}}

- Length : 12’’ = 365 cm
- Width : 31’ 2/7 = 79.5 cm
- Thickness 5" 5/7 = 14.5 cm
- Volume 225 litres
- Width o.f.o. the nose : 22" 3/8 = 57 cm
- Width o.f.o. the tail 17" 1/2 = 44.5 cm
- Tail : Square Tail
- Nose : Fat Round Nose
- Fins : Single fin
- Highteck weight : 13.00 kg (indicative weight ± 5%)


- High Core compressed glass fibre single fin for top performance.
- Unbreakable US box so that you won’t miss a session.
- 3 mm Diamond Grip Deck Pad for total adherence and comfort.
- Concrete Fixed Plug to be able to let go without ever having to think about losing your board.