10’6’’ Raptor: 320X74,5X173 lt



10'6'' RAPTOR


An all-purpose board, designed in order to face all the sessions. Its programme is wide, because beginners don’t love noserider to go to the massives waves like a gun board. Its programme is possible thanks to the smooth and definite shape. The longboard option is to reject if you want to retain the gliding ability of 10’6’’.
A board intended for the lovers of “momentum” feeling, long-distance boards, which go outside easily, it surfs with an extraordinary fluidity. Easy-paddling, it starts early and it’s awesome in carving. It also offers an excellent support and a good buoyancy in bottom. In the large curves, it keeps its path and gives an extraordinary control… Simply fantastic…It’s absolutely the board for those who want to enjoy without being worried about the hard conditions. This board also excels in the main manouvres and fits for the 95% of conditions!


Cruising, fluidity, turn ability. A surf style without tricks, focused on carvings. This board starts early in planing  and loves to be driven on curves.


- Less than 65 kg : easy !!!
- 65 kg to 85 kg : easy, very easy.
- More than 85 kg : no worries, it is made for you !

{{{Row effect:}}}

Small. Board with a good drive but still very manoeuvrable.


- Rocker : continuous curve for smooth gliding.
- Rails : soft and thin all round. A very smooth and responsive board.
- Volume : 173 L for a huge confort and stay focus on waves, not on your balance.
- Outline : reasonable dimensions and a middle positioned widepoint. A board with accelerating ability and easy to turn.
- Tail : moderate Round Tail to retain some buoyancy and easy rail to rail turning ability from the tail.
- Nose : Regular Round Point Nose. The perfect board for modern rides.

{{{Technical data:}}}

- Length : 10’6 = 320 cm
- Width : 29" 1/3 = 74.5 cm
- Thickness : 5" = 12.8 cm
- Volume : 173 litres
- Width o.f.o. the nose : 18" 2/3 = 47.3 cm
- Width o.f.o. the tail : 16" 3/4 = 42.8 cm
- Tail : Diamond Tail.
- Nose : Regular Round Nose.
- Fins : Tri-fin 2+1
- Highteck weight : 11.15 kg (indicative weight ± 5%)


- High Core compressed glass fibre fins for top performance. Unbreakable brass insert and 3mm stainless steel screw for maximum strength.
- Unbreakable mini tuttle and US boxes so that you won’t miss a session and can push to the limits.
- 3 mm Diamond Grip Deck Pad for total adherence and comfort.
- Concrete Fixed Plug to be able to let go without ever having to think about losing your board.