7’10’’ Furious S: 241,2X74,5X110 lt



7’10’’ FURIOUS S

This SUP board was inspired by a shortboard outline. This stand up paddleboard is dedicated to curves but still be very easy to paddle thanks to its quite wide tail and its length.


Speed is its strong point thanks to its rocker and its concave bottom.  Carving is its area of excellence.
Patrice Guénolé designed that board as the best compromise between radical drive and easy paddling the stand up.
Launch the Furious down the face and you will be transported into another dimension. With that board you surf each time close to the curl, really in the pocket. You used to think that SUP surfing was for peaceful. Now you know better! This board is really mean.
Well driven this board could be brutal and stylish manoeuvring, stoked on pure speed. Definitely an efficient board that mix performance and simplicity, and go into your car !
Rollers, cut backs, slashes and barrels, aawh wooo, what a crazy funny board !


A 100% performance board with a big drive ability but that still be easy to paddle and control.


- Less than 65 kg: simple and so good...
- 65 kg to 85 kg : easy.
- More than 85 kg: doable without a big back wash.

{{{Row effect:}}}

Moderate. A radical but super reliable board.


- Rocker: rear lift plus continuous curve and big nose kick for a mean board.
- Rails: hard at the rear, well defined in the centre and quite defined towards the front of the board. A radical and lively board with an ability to lean into the wave, even on very hollow waves.
- Volume: 138 litres! That’s it. You don’t need more. You’ll need really good balance and cast-iron thighs if you are over 90 kg.
- Outline: you want a shortboard feeling with an easy board? This is it!!!
- Tail: Square Tail for hard driving, planing and maximum floatability. This tail will enable you to rip it up in all waves.
- Nose: Point Nose for totally free surfing.

{{{Technical data:}}}

- Length : 8’10 = 270 cm
- Width : 29" = 73.5 cm
- Thickness : 4" 5/7 = 12 cm
- Volume : 138 litres
- Width o.f.o. the nose : 15" 2/7 = 38.8 cm
- Width o.f.o. off the tail : 19" 5/7 = 50.1 cm
- Tail : Square Tail
- Nose : Point Nose.
- Fins : quad-fins.
- Highteck weight : 9.25 kg (indicative weight ± 5%)


- 4 High Core compressed glass fibre fins for top performance. Unbreakable brass insert and 3mm stainless steel screw for maximum strength.
-Unbreakable Mini Tuttle box so that you won’t miss a session and can push it to the limit.
- 3 mm Diamond Grip Deck Pad for total adherence and comfort.
- Concrete Fixed Plug to be able to let go without ever having to think about losing your board.